71st Session of the Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific

Balancing the Three Dimensions of Sustainable Development: From Integration to Implementation

The seventy-first session of the commission was held from 25 to 29 May 2015 at the United Nations Conference Centre in Bangkok. The session comprised two segments: the senior officials segment, which was held from 25 to 27 May; and the ministerial segment on 28 and 29 May. The Special Body on Least Developed, Landlocked Developing and Pacific Island Developing Countries met on Wednesday, 27 May and its preparatory meeting was held on 26 May.

Theme Study

Part II of the 2015 edition of the Economic and Social Survey of Asia and the Pacific (theme study for the 71st Commission Session) examines the integration of the three dimensions of sustainable development as a concept and as a practical implementation principle. Emphasizing the urgent need for a people-centred and planet-sensitive development agenda in the Asia-Pacific region, the theme study outlines a conceptual framework, normative shifts in policy stance, strategies and policy options and offers perspectives on institutional frameworks to support integration of the three dimensions of sustainable development. Regional cooperation will be critical to maximize the opportunities that are presented by a transformation to sustainable development and to mitigate the “first-movers risk” that may be presented. To realize “the future we want”, the study therefore proposes specific options for a coherent response at the regional level.

Delegations Assessment

Following the meeting delegations attended filled out questionnaires regarding the session. A summary of the results is available for download.