ARTNeT Webinar: Post Globalization Movement - Supply & Value Chain Thought Leadership

17 Dec 2020

Project PGM (Post-Globalization Movement) is an industry research project that combines the intellectual powerhouse of research faculty, graduate students, and industry experts to envision the Global Value Supply Chain's future. This research methodology collects qualitative and quantitative data through surveys, interviews, and analytics. Many industry-leading companies worldwide and their executives have participated in this project and provided insightful feedback and invaluable support. For phase I of the project, we developed the "Five-Dimensional Framework" to analyze four countries' competitiveness, assess the COVID-19 effect, anticipate challenges of foreign trade policies, and outline rebalancing options among the US, Mexico, India, and China. We aim to solve real-world
problems with complex projects and measure our success by predicting industry movements and emerging trends within the supply and value chain.

About the speakers:
Hyoduk Shin
As the Anklesaria Presidential Chair at UCSD, Shin’s research interests include forecast, supply chain innovation, and economics of information technology and cybersecurity. Prior to joining the Rady School, Shin worked at Northwestern University. Shin earned a Ph.D. from Stanford University, and a M.S. in Statistics from University of Chicago.

Helen Wang
Before joining ISEI (Institute of Supply Chain Excellence and Innovation) at UCSD, Helen had an extended and rewarding career at Apple, Google, and Foxconn. She has a proven track record in supply chain strategy and innovation, ranging from launching large scale consumer products to enabling breakthrough technologies for emerging industries.

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