Asia-Pacific Forum to Empower Youth to Achieve the SDGs

6 Jan 2020
Bangkok, Thailand
By invitation only

The Asia-Pacific Forum to Empower Youth to Achieve the SDGs - part of a series of youth exchange activities involving collaboration between ESCAP, UNDP and the Urban Youth Academy - took place over the period 5 to 18 January 2020.The Thailand Social Innovation Platform was a partner in the event, which was initiated at the UNCC with various presentations including ESCAPs work on the demographic dividend with a gender dimension. It progressed with the approximately 150 youth participants from countries across Asia and the Pacific visiting grassroots communities in provinces around Bangkok to work on sustainable development initiatives. This was followed by concluding presentations on the experiences of the youth at the end of the Forum.

Informative presentations were made by teams of youth based on their experiences developing social business models to support employment generation, along with inclusive and sustainable development in the communities they visited. ESCAP, UNDP, the Urban Youth Academy and other partners planned to promote synergies between the work from this and future related fora and the Youth Policy Toolbox: Youth Policy Toolbox.

Watch video "Asia Pacific Youth Exchange (APYE) 2020" here.