Citypreneurs Policy Dialogue on Social Entrepreneurship Policy in Asia and the Pacific

30 Nov 2020
Online, Asia Pacific

Started in 2017, "Urban Innovation Challenge: Citypreneurs" is an international start-up platform that focuses on building the capacity of young entrepreneurs to offer innovative solutions that solve urban challenges and accelerate the achievement of the UN 2030 Agenda.

Social entrepreneurship stakeholders in past Citypreneurs events have identified government policy and regulation as one of the key enablers for entrepreneurship in Asia and the Pacific. With a supportive policy framework and an enabling environment, startups can promptly respond to the latest opportunities arising at the local and global levels.

In this regard, this year’s Citypreneurs Policy Dialogue will discuss good practices of policy and regulation that promote social entrepreneurship in the region. Key actors, including policymakers, experts, industry leaders, investors and entrepreneurs will be invited to share their insights to help strengthen social entrepreneurship in Asia and the Pacific and foster cross-sectoral collaboration for smart sustainable cities.