Online Expert Group Meeting on Smart Port Development for Sustainable Maritime Connectivity in Asia and the Pacific

27 Nov 2020
Open meeting

Maritime ports are a key enabler of sustainable development, given their role as countries’ main gateway for international trade. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is a good reminder of how crucial ports are to the very functioning of the modern society. Keeping ports open and functional was one of the key measures that most Governments implemented to ensure flow of essential goods to their populations, including to help effectively deal with the crisis.

In Asia and the Pacific, which currently concentrates two-thirds of the global seaborne trade and which is home to more than half busiest ports worldwide, sustainable port development remains a significant challenge. Faced with the constantly growing volume of seaborne trade, most ports need to keep enhancing their performance and productivity, while constantly improving quality of their hinterland connections. At the same time, ports are also facing pressing environmental concerns, due to a wide range of air and water pollution, as well as other negative environmental externalities generated by port activities. Transition to smart port has been introduced as a way to improve port productivity in a sustainable way, but it is also emerging as a way to ensure the safety of maritime and port workers during the COVID-19 pandemic and other disruptive events.

Against this background, the Secretariat is organizing the above captioned online Expert Group Meeting with the following objectives; (i) to discuss on smart port development in relation to sustainable maritime connectivity;(ii) to review national strategies for smart port development; (iii) to explore regional cooperation on smart ports in Asia and the Pacific.

Participants are kindly requested to submit their registrations online at their earliest convenience, but not later than 24 November 2020.For more information, please contact:
Mr. Sooyeob Kim; e-mail: