Web Forum: Enhancing Women’s Economic Empowerment in ASEAN countries

3 Dec 2020
ฺBangkok, Asia Pacific

In cooperation with the ASEAN Committee on Women, ESCAP organized the Web Forum: Enhancing Women’s Economic Empowerment in ASEAN countries on Thursday 3 December 2020, 2 – 5 PM, Thailand Standard Time.

The objective of the Web Forum is to facilitate the exchange of knowledge, good practices and lessons learnt with respect to the progressive implementation of Beijing+25 commitments in ASEAN countries. In particular, promising practices and progressive initiatives on women’s economic empowerment were shared and further discussed as the online sub-regional meeting served as a forum for policy dialogue, capacity building and networking for stakeholders from relevant key ministries and national women’s machineries in ASEAN countries, in order to:

• Enhance knowledge of participatory gender-responsive approaches to the design, implementation and monitoring of women’s economic empowerment measures that advance gender equality and the empowerment of all women and girls.
• Share lessons learnt and discuss the prevalent challenges and national priorities for advancing gender equality and the economic empowerment of all women and girls.
• Identify the necessary actions and good practices to advance the economic empowerment of women and girls in ASEAN countries, including cross-sectoral measures and institutional coordination, public-private partnerships and active engagement of women’s associations and women beneficiary groups into consultative and decision-making processes.

The Web Forum was also considered an opportunity to explore potential partnerships as well as harness synergies and comparative advantages amongst and between stakeholders to advance the empowerment of all women and girls across the Asia-Pacific region.

The outcome of the Web Forum informed the work of ESCAP towards the Beijing+30 review process. The key recommendations were expected to identify, in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, both opportunities and challenges to achieving the ambitions of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action and Sustainable Development Goal 5. Most immediately, the recommendations informed the priority actions related to women’s economic empowerment to be undertaken by ESCAP and its partners in 2021 and beyond.

Watch the record of the Web Forum https://youtu.be/rvx7JFc0vJ8