Workshop on ‘Strengthening Policy Analysis in Support of Implementation of Sustainable Development Goals’

18 Nov 2019 to 22 Nov 2019
New Delhi, India
By invitation only

Many countries in the Asia-Pacific region have benefitted from the support that their national think tanks have provided in formulating their policies. The Think Tanks play a multifaceted role and carry out diverse activities that not only include carrying out research but also assisting their governments in holding stakeholders’ consultations, providing advisory services, and organizing capacity-building programmes.

The least developed countries in South Asia face challenges in formulating their policies to achieve Sustainable Development Goals not only on account of their location but also lack of capacity to develop evidence-based policies and strategies. Afghanistan and Bhutan are not only the least developed countries in the subregion, but they are even landlocked and do not have a wide range of National Think Tanks that can assist the Governments in formulating evidence-based policies. The Governments of Afghanistan and Bhutan have requested the ESCAP-SSWA to assist them in setting up the Think tanks and provide training to the ministries and newly established Think Tanks’ staff.

Against this backdrop, the United Nations ESCAP South and South-West Asia Office (ESCAP-SSWA) is organizing a workshop on “Strengthening Policy Analysis in Support of Implementation of Sustainable Development Goals” during 18-22 November 2019 and a “Policy Dialogue on Regional Cooperation for SDGs Achievement in South Asia” on 20 November 2019 in New Delhi.