Executive Secretary Calls for Reconfiguring Energy Architecture in Mission to Singapore

29 Oct 2019

On 29 October, ESCAP Executive Secretary Armida Salsiah Alisjahbana visited Singapore to participate in the 12th Singapore International Energy Week (SIEW) and engage with government and private sector representatives from the energy sector.

Themed ‘Accelerating Energy Transformation’, SIEW called on global energy stakeholders to collaborate and accelerate efforts towards a more sustainable energy future. “Reorganizing our energy systems to be sustainable, low carbon and universally accessible is an unprecedented task. Accordingly, an unprecedented response is required,” remarked Ms. Alisjahbana in her keynote speech at the Singapore Energy Summit. She further highlighted regional cooperation, rigorous energy data and energy connectivity as levers to accelerate a sustainable energy future in the region.

On the sidelines of SIEW, the Executive Secretary held a bilateral meeting with Singapore Minister of Trade and Industry H.E. Chan Chun Sing. She emphasized that planning for the energy transition can drive growth in harmony with sustainability.