The Vanuatu Cocoa Growers’ Association: Inclusive Trade in Rural Smallholder Agriculture (TIID Working Paper Series 3/13)

Working paper1 Nov 2013

The Cocoa Grower’s Association (CGA) in the Republic of Vanuatu is a fundamental example of how the organization of local cooperatives can make a significant impact and create an environment for inclusive trade. This paper will review a case study of implementing a governing association that coordinates cocoa cooperatives in Vanuatu, and which is focused on organizing the production and trade in the region, as a method to highlight key lessons learned and potential for scalability in furthering inclusive trade goals. Though the CGA has many areas for improvement, which will be outlined in this case study alongside recommendations for additional progress, the concept can be used as a model for the expansion of inclusive trade worldwide using conglomerates of cooperatives in developing countries with similar environmental factors.