Accessibility support for persons with special needs

The ESCAP Accessibility Centre, which is located on Level 1 at the United Nations Conference Centre in Bangkok (UNCC), was established in 2015 to demonstrate the importance of accessibility to member States by supporting the participation of persons with special needs in United Nations intergovernmental processes and meetings at the UNCC. The establishment of the Centre was made possible by a generous contribution from the Government of the Republic of Korea by provision of motorized wheelchairs, desktop magnifiers, screen readers, portable players for Digital Accessible Information System (DAISY), hearing aids, bone conduction headsets, eye trackers and a range of other assistive devices. These are available for meeting participants at the UNCC upon request (

We are providing a copy of the ESCAP Internal Guideline on Accessible Conferences and Meetings, which is designed to provide practical support to ESCAP staff in the preparation and delivery of disability-inclusive conferences and meetings. This could be used as reference if other UN and partner organizations hold their meetings at the UNCC.

audio amplifier

audio amplifier

barcode reader

braille info

braille printer

daisy player

electric wheelchair

manual wheelchair

mobile controller

reading enlarger

screen reading

special mouse

touch monitor